Discover the essence of Hacienda Coffee House, a place where vintage elegance and cozy charm come together.  Our thoughtfully curated interiors reflect a blend of Colonial British English influences, creating an atmosphere that is both sophisticated and welcoming.

The name “Hacienda”

The word “Hacienda” is a Spanish term for an estate, typically of significant size.  The inspiration for our name comes from the song “Mi Casa, Su Casa,” beautifully sung by Perry Como and other artists.
The rhythm and meaning of this song perfectly capture the essence of Hacienda Coffee House.  As we strive to create a home away from home, this song provides the ideal theme for our establishment.  At Hacienda Coffee House, our home is your home.

The song begins with

“Mi Casa, Su Casa…my house is your house  

Welcome to my hacienda  

Mi Casa, Su Casa…my home is your home  

I give you love, warm and tender.”


Mission and values

Our mission is to provide an exceptional dining experience that combines delicious food, great coffee, and outstanding service.  We are committed to using high-quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes and beverages.  Our values are rooted in hospitality, sustanability, and a passion for creating memorable experiences for our guests.

Design inspiration

Hacienda Coffee House’s interior is inspired by British Colonial British home, adding a warm and inviting touch to the building.  We have meticulously chosen vintage furniture and decorations from our private collection to create a welcoming atmosphere.  Our decor features handmade tablecloths, placemats and cutlery envelopes along with unique centerpieces and elegant glassware, adding a unique and personal touch that reflects our commitment to craftmanship and quality.

Seasonal comfort

We believe that every season brings its own special charm and comfort.  Whether you are escaping the summer heat or embracing the cozy winter vibes, we have just the right ambiance and offerings to make your visit perfect all year round.  Experience the charm of every seasons at Hacienda Coffee House & Restaurant.

As the festive season approaches, Hacienda Coffee House transforms into a Christmas wonderland.  Sip on rich hot chocolates or coffee, and enjoy holiday-themed treats in a beautifully decorated setting.

summer season comfort

Beat the heat with iced coffees, smoothies, and cold drinks in our air-conditioned indoor space.  Indulge in our summer menu featuring chilled desserts and fruity beverages, perfect for a sunny day.  Relax in our shaded outdoor area, ideal for enjoying a refreshing break.

raining season comfort

Embrace the cozy ambiance during the rainy season with warm, soothing drinks and comforting treats.  Enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea or a creamy latte while listening to the gentle rain outside.  Our cozy indoor seating is perfect for relaxing and unwinding during a rainy day.